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You can put your trust in Star remodeling. We provide personal service and exceptional quality work. Priding ourselves on reliability, cleanliness, and safety; our professional service is competitive. Those are just a handful of the reasons we have loyal customers and a growing client base.

Hudson Valley Remodeling Contractor, kitchen remodeling ny

Kitchen Remodeling

Imagine your newly remodeled kitchen with it’s new spacious area, color structure and even new appliances. We all know a new kitchen remodeling brings out the cook in all of us, but it also makes the most desired room to you, your family, and any potential buyers. What is probably the most revisited idea for kitchen remodeling is that your core mindset be space, color, and higher functionality. Star Remodeling can show you the most cost effective ways to bring the most out of your kitchen and ideas.

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Hudson Valley Remodeling Contractor, bathroom remodeling ny

Bathroom Remodeling

Budget aside, you have two main goals to bathroom remodeling. The first is to increase beauty and the second is to increase functionality. You should take cabinets and hardware in mind. These are the first thing you and guests will notice. With your fixtures and flooring right behind that, and accented with storage, mirroring, lighting, and the ultimate tub or shower design and placement. Star Remodeling can help you throughout your design and development processes. Remeber, bathroom remodeling is the second highest return on investment of any home renovation.

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Hudson Valley Remodeling Contractor, exterior remodeling ny

Exterior Remodeling

The exterior of your home has many different structural and aesthetic pieces that can affect your home’s exterior remodel. With windows, roofing, gutters, siding, doors and more it is easy to get overwhelmed and over budget quickly. We can help you make the righ decisions that will have the largest impact on the value of your home, as well as structurally improve it. If you already have a look or goal in mind, we can get you there with the same great craftsmanship you have come to rely on for all your other remodeling needs.

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